Friday, February 11, 2011

The Best Watch

What most defines an outfit is the added accessories.  It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, you need a timepiece that is both reflective of their outfit and their personal style.  So how do you determine the best watch for yourself?

What makes this complicated is that there are so many options available.  You can choose everything from Tag Heuer and Raymond Weil, all the way up to Rolex and JLC.  The first thing to determine is if you want casual, formal or sporty.

A sporty watch, as the name implies, is perfect for times when you are on the go.  These watches are usually waterproof and quite durable. After all, you can't go rock climbing in your shiny new Omega!

The casual watch is extremely popular, because you can use it every day.  Since they often have leather bands, you will want to get both a brown and black band to make sure you have most of your outfits covered.  Brands like Oris and Epos have become popular for producing watches that fit into this category - providing a nice upgrade to the everyday watch, but without breaking the bank.

The high end option is the formal, dressy watch.  This is where you can really spend some cash.  High end models like Franck Muller can go for hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.  The good nows is, most of these high-end watches are very dependable and can be passed down to the next generation - if taken care of.  There is even a healthy used market for many of the high end brands.

The important thing is to choose a watch that not only fits your checkbook, but also your personal style.  If you are not the flashy, showy type - an expensive JLC might not be your speed.  However, if you are wanting to make a splash - there is probably a watch out there that can do the job. 

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